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The Finest Custom Cabinets You'll Ever See

I&E Cabinets does custom commercial cabinets and millwork for office buildings, hotels, restaurants, schools, universities, fire stations, multi-unit apartment buildings and more. Our work and installation expertise is seen in the business communities all around Southern California.

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Custom Cabinets

If you need Custom Cabinets here are a few things to think about:

  • We can change the present layout of the space

  • We design, make, and install countertops

  • We will Install roll out shelving for easier access

  • We can design new spaces for new appliances: Computers, TVs, Wine Cooler, Dishwasher

  • We can create new garden windows above the kitchen window

  • We will add an island for convenience and more storage.

  • We will add a Pantry

I and E Cabinets manufactures and installs only beautiful custom cabinets. What’s the difference between custom, semi-custom, and prefabricated cabinets … and how do you decide which is best for your home?

That’s why at I and E cabinets we play an essential role in customizing your kitchen remodel. Our cabinets are made in Van Nuys, Ca. All made in the USA.


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Pre-Fab (“Stock”) Cabinets


Price: Prefab cabinetry usually comes a low price tag.

Speed: They’re ready immediately (though if they’re delivered flat-packed from a big-box store, you still have to take time for assembly).


Poor value: You get what you pay for. Usually made in China. Prefabricated cabinets are usually made of cheap materials and their cost often does not include installation.

Limited size range

Lots of fillers!!! Standards sizes may not suit your kitchen – or your needs.

Lack of kitchen design options

“With pre-fabricated cabinets, you’re working with what you’ve got rather than creatively working with your space.


“We find a lot of people regret installing prefab cabinets afterwards. For example, putting all this money into a beautiful quartz countertop and then installing it onto prefab cabinetry. Often the cabinetry base may not be as strong or as secure as they were hoping,” Kim explains.

Custom Cabinets


Adaptability: It’s possible to design custom cabinets to work in any kitchen — even one with crooked walls and floors or other quirks.

Flexibility: Our Custom cabinets offer optimal use of space, personalized storage solutions, and the opportunity to change kitchen layout as you wish.

Traditional craftmanship: I and E Custom cabinet’s take care of every step of the process, from design through building and installation.

Luxurious details: You’ll be able to splurge on details such as quality wood, a “statement” kitchen island, and soft closing doors and drawers. No fillers!!

Manufactured and Installed Custom: We are the manufacturer and install direct to the consumer.



Cost: At I and E cabinets you deal with us the factory and deal direct and save time and money.

Why Choose kitchen companies that offer pre-fabricated cabinets when you can get custom cabinets at better quality and cost.

You get with I and E

Custom Rolls Royce Cabinetry for a Chevrolet price!!!

At I&E Cabinets, we firmly believe that premium services shouldn’t come with a premium price tag

License No: 597287

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